We added two feeder pigs to the farm on July 18, 2010.  Our intention is to raise them as naturally as possible and then butcher them in the winter.  We're not really sure how much meat we'll get, and so do not know if we'll be selling any extra.

The pig on the left is 100% Tamworth, the one on the right is half Large Black and half Tamworth.  They should both be friendly and do well out in the open.

UPDATE:  The pigs went to the slaughterhouse on November 22, 2010.  We brought them back home to be butchered.  They are in the freezer now.  We are learning to cure bacon and make sausage.  My next step is to begin cooking all of the parts we saved for scrapple, and to begin rendering lard.  So far we are very, very pleased with our pork and plan to grow another two feeder pigs next year.