Friday, April 16, 2010

New Pictures

Above is Blossom at exactly two weeks old. And below is Petals, just shy of four weeks old.

Both doelings are growing well and thriving. Blossom, the younger, is a sturdy little thing and loves to jump and play. Petals is more reserved, and is long and lanky. She feels more like a cat than a goat. She's not as coordinated or as adventurous as Blossom.

They have a large fenced grassy area in our back yard to call their own. They have an insulated dog box for a shelter, a plastic picnic table, a large plastic playset with ramps and a sliding board, a little shade shelter that has a flat black roof they enjoy sunning themselves on, and their own food, grain, and hay.

The girls actually do play on the playset and go down the slide! It is laugh out loud funny to watch. Blossom is better at it than Petals, but Petals does get up there and enjoy herself.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sweet Garden Blossom

Una kidded Friday evening, April 2, with triplets: two bucklings and one doeling. We are keeping this doeling, in addition to Petals, so, announcing the arrival of Sweet Garden Blossom!

Blossom was butt first and had some difficulty arriving in the world. I had to reach in and get her rear legs to pull her out. I'd never done that before. Una's entire delivery was very much a learning experience with many, many phone calls to my friend and mentor for all things goat. Thank you again Jane! I was very ably assisted in the delivery by my outstanding husband Eddie, friend Kathleen, and cousin Carrie. Thanks so much to all of you. It was quite a night.

Blossom was smaller on arrival than Petals, and so is considerably smaller now than her big sister who is twelve days older. She's steady on her legs and will be chasing Petals soon. She's nursing very well. In fact, she learned faster than any of the kids I've bottle fed.

Looks like we're set for now. The plan is to have four does in milk next Spring. I should finally have enough to make all the cheese Eddie and I need, or anyway, that's the plan... Stay tuned!