Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting, waiting...

This time of year the time just crawls as I count down the days (hours, minutes) until kidding begins.  Tiny Town Treble is due first on March 21, so still seven weeks to go.  She doesn't look pregnant at all, so I'm sure hoping she is.  There's no reason to think she isn't as I haven't seen any signs of heat and I know she was bred back in October.  I don't expect any more than twins.  She seems just a tad thin to me, so I've begun supplementing her with a small amount of alfalfa and grain.  Once she hits four weeks before kidding I'll begin increasing the ration up to close to where I think she'll need to be for milk production.

Sweet Garden Blossom is the next doe due on March 31.  Blossom has looked pregnant since she was about six weeks old!  She has incredible rumen capacity, which I hope will bode well for future milk production, but it's hard to tell what's kids, and what's stomach!  Blossom is maturing beautifully with plenty of size and a grand, regal bearing.  I continue to be confident of her potential, both in the show ring and in the milk pail.

Tiny Town Blue Suede Shoes is due on April 1.  "Melody" looks very pregnant, about ready to pop in fact.  I'm expecting triplets at the very least, very possibly more. 

Tiny Town BP Sweet Muzette is due on April 15.  She's maturing beautifully, but shows no signs of impending motherhood.  It really is too soon for her.  It's hard to tell with all of the hair, but she has a very level topline and is very smoothly blended.  If her udder lives up to expectations she'll be a force to reckon with in the show ring.

The final kidding here will be Tiny Town Sweet Serenade, due May 12.  I'm glad it's so far away as Sara is growing slowly and needs a good bit more size for my liking for a safe birth.  She has three and a half months more, so all should be good.  I have begun to supplement her diet with some alfalfa and grain to help, watching carefully to be sure she doesn't get over-conditioned.  Fat first fresheners are a recipe for disaster!

Melody is now herd queen, the other four don't seem to have a clear hierarchy, although Blossom seems terrified of Treble.  I'm not sure what happened there!  Muzette and little Sara can hold their own with anyone except Melody.

I'm expecting 8-12 kids.  I anticipate that all of the males will be sold as wethers, but I won't make a final decision until I see udders and the kids themselves.  I plan to keep two doelings, so should have several for sale, depending on my buck to doe ratio!  I have not done well the past two years, my totals for the two years combined:  Does 3 -- Bucks 8.  I'm certainly due a doe year.  I'll be doing the doe dance as kidding draws nearer.