Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well faithful blog readers, I apologize that it's been so long since I last posted.  I've been spending time getting my new website up and running and making plans for next year.

In the late Summer I decided to move from a "just milk" operation to show goats.  My reasoning is simply that I need to breed to produce milk, so I might as well breed the very best goats I can.  And, if I'm breeding the very best goats I can I might as well show them and be able to sell these higher quality  kids for a better price.

As you know, I had already rehomed Una as a pet.  Tigger, my other original milk doe purchase, is still producing well and is a fine doe, but will never be a show goat and has proven not to produce show quality kids, so she is being retired.

Melody, the goat I purchased this year to add to my milk supply, is a proven producer of show quality kids, and a truly exceptional milk producer.  I have also acquired her daughter, Treble, another good milk producer with show potential in her own right.  She actually has one leg towards a championship.

I kept the doeling from Una this year, Blossom, who continues to mature and look really outstanding in her general appearance.  I also purchased Tiny Town Sweet Serenade for her outstanding show potential.  I believe I have one more junior doe on the way this week to add to my show string for next year.  More details and pictures later about her.

These two mature does, Melody and Treble, and two-three junior does will form the foundation for my show string.  I have also partnered with another breeder and purchased a buckling from Dills in Oklahoma, and I have placed a deposit on a second buckling for next year from Rosasharn Farm in Massachusetts.  (These bucks will not be available for outside service.)

This should give me a good foundation to begin to build a premier quality Nigerian Dwarf goat herd.  In order to achieve this goal without ending up with 100 goats, I will need to cull ruthlessly.  Therefore, kids will be available for sale every Spring beginning 2011, and one-three adult does in milk will more than likely be available after each kidding season beginning 2012.

I've lined up a list of fairs and goat shows for next year, and plan to invest in a small trailer to house the goats for travel.  So, I'm on my way.

Much thanks in helping me every step of the way to my friend and mentor, Jane Bailey at Tiny Town Goats.  She not only advises, but has made every step of the way truly fun!